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Delaware Audubon Supports Newark, DE Residents Organizing Against Proposed Power Plant

Audubon offering guidance and fiscal sponsorship to the Newark Residents Against the Power Plant grassroots group

IMAGE: Yard sign against the power plantDelaware Audubon will provide support and guidance to the grassroots group Newark Residents Against the Power Plant (NRAPP), who are organizing in opposition to the 279 MW power plant proposed for the University of Delaware (UD) STAR Campus. Delaware Audubon, a statewide organization, recognizes the UD power plant proposal will have negative impacts of much greater than just local significance.

The Delaware Audubon Society has a long history of sponsoring and fostering environmental groups looking for administrative support. In the 1970s, Delaware Audubon helped create Tri State Bird Rescue. In more recent times, Delaware Audubon has supported the Citizens for Clean Power group in Sussex County in their fight for offshore wind power. Delaware Audubon supports those community based organizations that look to make a positive environmental impact in Delaware through the promotion of green business development.

"We at Delaware Audubon agree with the world's top scientists that climate change poses an extremely dire threat to birds and biodiversity. The challenge remains to think globally while we act locally. We at Delaware Audubon know we have to protect the habitats birds need, while doing everything we can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To accomplish this we need to join and support the grassroots efforts of groups like NRAPP fighting to combat this global problem in their own back yards. Newark is especially important since the residents' 'backyard' is Delaware's major University where we would hope our greatest thinkers would look for innovative solutions to this global problem rather than fighting for the expansion of the environmentally degrading status quo," says David Carter, Conservation Chair for Delaware Audubon.

NRAPP is a grassroots group that has sprung up in the face of the power plant proposed by The Data Centers, LLC (TDC) for construction on the UD STAR Campus. TDC plans to build a 900,000 square foot facility that will house a data center and a 279 MW natural gas powered plant with the goal of self-generation, and to sell additional power to the grid. If built, the power plant would be the 5th largest in Delaware and have as much generating capacity as one quarter the power generation of the Hope Creek Thermal Nuclear Power Plant.

NRAPP's mission is to raise awareness about their concerns with Newark residents in the second most densely populated city in the state. Concerns include: close proximity to homes, schools, day care centers and parks; contribution to global climate change; air pollution; noise; safety of natural gas pipelines and ammonia storage; lack of community involvement, transparency and accountability; misleading and contradictory information provided by TDC and their representatives; and political influence of power plant supporters among others.

Donations to the NRAPP can be made by clicking here.