Gardening for Birds

Creating and preserving habitat for birds has never been more important. As human population grows, suitable bird habitat is disappearing rapidly. Urban areas are expanding constantly, altering or eliminating natural areas. By creating bird gardens with native plants, we can provide oases for birds in the heart of our cities.

Only plants that are native to a region provide food for the insects that birds depend on to feed their young. Plants from other parts of the world are not a food source for insects, and displace plants that are. Property owners concerned about protecting fragile bird populations should consider replacing non-native plants with beneficial natives.

The first two links below offer native alternatives that can be used in place of non-beneficial and possibly invasive non-native plant species. The Delaware Invasive Plants link provides a partial list of regional invasive plants which everyone should work to control. The last link provides information about possible political action for protecting habitat for Delaware's wildlife.