Environmental Conservation


E-mail Discussion List Service

Delaware Audubon is pleased to offer de-conservation – an e-mail discussion list for Delaware environmentalists to discuss conservation issues and Delaware's environment. (For those who wish to discuss birds and birding, we also maintain a birding list service.)

The de-conservation list is sponsored by the Delaware Audubon Society. By subscribing to de-conservation, you will be able to:

  • Share timely information about Delaware's environmental issues;
  • Communicate directly with other concerned Delaware activists about issues of interest;
  • Stay on top of priority issues locally and beyond;
  • Receive legislative updates;
  • Discuss strategies;
  • Provide and share sample letters to legislators;
  • Broadcast alerts without expensive mailings and phone calls.

To subscribe to this discussion list, send an email message to:

Your email address from which you sent the message, will then be placed on the de-conservation subscription list. Any message sent to the following list address, de-conservation@yahoogroups.com will automatically be distributed to all current subscribers. This is an email distribution list linking Delaware environmental activists. All messages should be signed with your name, city and email address.

The result is a fast and simple way to reach many Delaware activists through email by sending only one email message! The users of the list define the discussions, which are meant to be free-ranging and informative, but should focus on Delaware and regional issues – or national issues that affect our state or its policy makers.

Rules of the Discussion List Service

  1. Defamatory, abusive, threatening, or offensive language, including name-calling, are considered cyber-bullying and are inappropriate on the de-conservation list. Members are expected to refrain from such behavior.
  2. Delaware Audubon does not actively monitor the list for inappropriate postings and does not engage in editorial control of postings. However, when an inappropriate posting comes to our attention, we will take appropriate action—which may include removal from the list.
  3. Items posted to the list should pertain to Delaware environmental issues, or national environmental issues which have a local impact or link.
  4. Do not add attachments to list serve postings. If you have materials of interest to other list members, please send them "offlist" to individual email addresses.
  5. Posting to a discussion list means that your words become public and are archived, where they can be accessed by search engines. All posts to this list become the property of the Delaware Audubon Society.
  6. Delaware Audubon respects intellectual property rights. Members must abide by copyright laws.
  7. As a tax-exempt organization, Delaware Audubon is prohibited from supporting candidates for public office. Participants are free to discuss political topics which are related to Delaware environmental issues, but recognize that Delaware Audubon cannot endorse individual candidates nor allow its resources to be used for endorsement.
  8. Participants are not allowed to sell products or use the list for any profit-making activities.
  9. Delaware Audubon accepts no responsibility for the opinions and information posted by others.
  10. List members should adhere to the rules of "Netiquette." Treat others as you would like to be treated; respect others' time and bandwidth; share expert knowledge; help prevent or fight "flame wars"; respect the privacy of others; be forgiving of others' mistakes; and don't abuse your power.

How to Un-Subscribe

Unsubscribing is also simple. Just send an email to

We hope that you find membership in de-conservation to be interesting and productive. This discussion list is sponsored by the Delaware Audubon Society, but it is not necessary to be a member of Audubon to become a subscriber. Join this online discussion and help build a healthier environment for Delaware!

Thanks for your interest in de-conservation. For further information about the Delaware Audubon Society, please contact us at: dasmail@delawareaudubon.org

List Owners: J. Tyler Bell
E-mail: belljt@si.edu
Jane Kostenko
E-mail: jane_kostenko@co.saint-marys.md.us