Conservation Award

The Delaware Audubon Conservation Award
1994 - Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

NOTE: This is an archive article from 1994. It may contain out-of-date information.

Image of Joe BidenOn May 20th, the Delaware Audubon Society honored Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr., at our annual dinner at the Sheraton Dover Hotel, for his consistent concern and action to preserve and protect our natural environment. His commitment to environmental protection was evident when he served on the NCC Council, and Joe Biden has consistently supported strong national environmental programs.

A few of his accomplishments include: Sponsoring a law to protect marine mammals, authoring legislation that charges the Secretary of State to exert U.S. leadership in developing and international response to global warming and a law to increase U.S. support for environmental projects in developing countries through "debt for nature" swaps.

In 1975, he introduced a bill to establish a federal oil spill liability and compensation fund. In 1988, he was a leader for an amendment that led the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to reform nuclear power plant accident investigations and in the Senate to establish an independent safety board for the NRC. He co-sponsored a 1988 law to end all ocean dumping by 1992, a 1989 law to establish oil spill liability and compensation program, and the California Desert Protection Act, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Act, and a bill to expand funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. He has been a strong voice in the effort to reduce hazardous waste at its sources. He fought to close the Philadelphia ocean dumpsite and an EPA proposal to allow the burning of toxic waste at sea.

Directly affecting Delaware were Joe Biden’s efforts to secure return of federal land at Cape Henlopen. The federal government returned ninety-six acres of land to Delaware. Joe introduced and helped get passage for legislation to designate the White Clay Creek watershed for potential inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic River Systems. He has secured continuing federal support for the White Clay Creek Study and has been instrumental in the donation to the state of over 1,000 acres of land surrounding the watershed.

Senator Biden says that for him there are three reasons for working for a better environment. They are the legacy we are going to leave our children, our own health, and the aesthetic value of our surroundings. People have created many beautiful interior and exterior designs, but nothing can compare with the beauty of the earth.

We honor Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr., for his vision and resolve to make the world a better place for our children, to maintain a healthy environment for ourselves, and to preserve the aesthetic value of our surroundings.