Conservation Award

The Delaware Audubon Conservation Award
1988 - Jacob Kreshtool

NOTE: This is an archive article from 1988. It may contain out-of-date information.

Jacob Kreshtool at the 2012 Delaware Audubon Annual Meeting.

On May 26, the Delaware Audubon Society honored Jacob Kreshtool at its annual meeting for his efforts to secure clean air for Delaware citizens. The Conservation Achievement Award was presented to Mr. Kreshtool for his work with Delaware Citizens for Clean Air (DCCA), a non-profit organization working for the prevention and abatement of industrial air pollution in the state of Delaware.

Mr. Kreshtool has worked with DCCA for over 20 years and presently serves as its president.

His wife, Betty, is credited with getting Jake started on the environmental advocacy path when they moved to Kynlyn in 1958 and smelled the presence of their industrial neighbors.

Jake was instrumental in the passage of the federal Clean Air Act which has the unique stipulation that allows citizens to sue air polluters. DCCA brought the first "citizen's" suit after the Act was passed.

Kreshtool’s efforts in cleaning up air quality in Delaware City led to the acquisition by the State of the Mobile Air Monitoring Van—a traveling laboratory capable of testing air quality anywhere.

In addition to his involvement with Delaware Citizens for Clean Air, Mr. Kreshtool serves several other organizations in various capacities. He is a member of Amnesty International. He serves on the board of directors, and is a past president of the Delaware Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union; and he is a past president of the Delaware Trial Lawyers Association.