Conservation Award

The Delaware Audubon Conservation Award
1984 - Peggy Jahn

Photo:  Peggy JahnPeggy Jahn was the 1984 recipient of the Delaware Audubon Conservation Award and the only awardee who has also received the President's Cup. She joined Audubon in the late 1970s and soon initiated the Least Tern Project, which she led for seven years. The purpose of that project was to protect the least terns that were nesting on Delaware's beaches.

The project team posted signs to keep people away from the nests and monitored the nests to help ensure nesting successs. Other beneficiaries of this project were commmon terns, piping plovers, nighthawks, and horned larks.

She also served Delaware Audubon as Field Trip Chairperson, deciding when and where trips were held, making the arrangements, and getting the word out.

"It's hard to say which environmental issue is most important," Peggy says. "Wetlands, clean water, hardwood forest, habitat – one thing leads to another. Trying to keep environmental laws in place is the biggest challenge that environmental groups face right now, though."

Peggy was born and raised in Wilmette, Illinois and lived in Delaware for many years before moving to Maine in 1985. She returned to Delaware in 1992. She is a professional wood sculptor, carving ducks and songbirds. Peggy and her husband, Fred, live near Middletown. They have three daughters and five grandchildren.