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2016 Enrollment Information

Delaware Teachers: Sign Up or Renew Here

Dear Audubon Adventures Teachers,

The Delaware Audubon Society has begun enrolling classrooms in this year's Audubon Adventures program, the 32nd year of bringing children closer to nature in our communities. The kit costs about $45 but you have the opportunity of renewing your subscription FREE of charge compliments of Delaware Audubon.

The Audubon Adventures program has many features. Beginning with the 2014-15 edition, Audubon Adventures now offers an online-only subscription option. This is an additional choice for teachers to select. Or you can continue to choose from among our printed product titles. The new "Digital Plus" edition includes online access to downloadable and interactive content for teachers and students. Packaged classroom kits consisting of printed student newspapers and teachers guides are still available for a wide variety of topics. A kit contains classroom sets (32) of color student newspapers, a teacher's resource guide, and other materials.

NEW for 2015-16! Action for Planet Earth Classroom Kit with print and online components. Three topics focusing on protecting Earth's natural resources. (1) Why and how to protect habitats that are home to all living things. (2) Sources of and challenges to essential clean water resources and how to preserve them. (3) Different forms and sources of energy and their pros and cons. Student newspaper for each topic in printed form plus online interactive features, teacher guide, e-newsletter subscription, and resources.

All Audubon Adventure teachers receive a free membership in the Delaware Audubon Society. This membership includes the Delaware Audubon newsletter. Audubon Adventures teachers receive the benefit of knowing that dedicated individuals in the Delaware Audubon Society are diligently working to keep our environment clean, protect our wildlife, and educate the public. Classrooms in our Audubon Adventures program are a big part of this, helping children to understand and appreciate the natural world.

Thank you for providing a vital education to our young who someday will take over the responsibility of keeping Delaware clean and protecting its wildlife.