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"Piping Plover Suite" Premieres at Coast Day

Conductor Barry Eli with the Cape Henlopen Community Band
Cape Henlopen Community Band, directed by Barry Eli,
performing "The Piping Plover Suite" at Coast Day 2004.

Delaware Audubon's "Piping Plover Suite" had its world premiere peformance Sunday, October 3, at Coast Day in Lewes, Delaware.

Commissioned by the Delaware Audubon Society, and composed by Scott Roewe, this four-minute symphonic work is intended to help raise awareness of the plight of the Piping Plover.

Dr. Carolyn Thoroughgood introduces Dr. Carolyn Thoroughgood [shown at right], dean of the University of Delaware Graduate College of Marine Studies and director of the Delaware Sea Grant College Program, introduced composer Scott Roewe. Dr. Thoroughgood then read a narrative about the plight of the Piping Plover; and described each of the movements in the Suite, while the band illustrated her narration with appropriate samples of the music. Following this introduction, the band played the complete Suite.

Composer Scott Roewe came to Coast Day from his home in California to hear the premiere performance of his work. He was honored at a reception hosted by Delaware Coastal Programs and Delaware Natural Heritage Program.

Composer Scott Roewe, at reception, with Ann Rydgren of Delaware Audubon.

Ann Rydgren, the driving force behind the Suite, which has been years in the planning, has long held that, "People are more often moved to action by art than by science." With the assistance of longtime friend and fellow educator Barbara Roewe, the two aim to take this musical message into the classroom.

The package available from Delaware Audubon includes a Teacher's Study Guide and an audio CD (which can be dowloaded free from this site) and the music score and parts, which can be ordered online for $50.

Ann Rydgren said that by listening to the CD and using the resources provided, "the students will understand the concept of environmental conservation using different disciplines, such as science, research, computer literacy, language, and performing arts." The purpose of using this musical composition is to motivate students to create stories, poems, drawings, posters, web sites, brochures, theatrical presentations and/or skits which communicate the plight of the Piping Plover and inspire positive actions.

The Piping Plover, which makes its home along the Atlantic coastline, is a "threatened and endangered" species. We hope that the "Piping Plover Suite," based on the call of this shy and gentle bird, will be a rallying cry for positive action.

More Photos From Coast Day

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Introductions before premiere. Introductions before the premiere performance.
Barry Eli, conducting the Cape Henlopen Community Band Barry Eli conducts the Cape Henlopen Community Band.
Photo of premiere performance audience. Audience for "Piping Plover Suite" at Coast Day.
Photo of reception. Photo of reception for composer Scott Roewe.
Scott Roewe at reception Scott Roewe at reception in his honor.

Delaware Audubon thanks the Cape Henlopen Community Band, and conductor Barry Eli, for their beautiful premiere performance of the "Piping Plover Suite"; Dr. Carolyn Thoroughgood for her presentation about the Piping Plover; and the University of Delaware College of Marine Studies and Coast Day for hosting this event.

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