Birds in Delaware

DE-BIRDS Discussion Listserv

IMAGE: Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron at Prime Hook N.W.R.
Photo ©2006 Rich Weiner

Delaware Audubon is pleased to offer de-birds -- an e-mail discussion list for Delaware birders and anyone interested in Delaware birds and their conservation. (For those who wish to discuss other environmental and conservation issues, we also maintain an environmental list service.)

The de-birds list is sponsored by the Delaware Audubon Society. By subscribing to de-birds, you will be able to:

  • share information about bird sightings in Delaware;
  • review recent bird sighting reports and rare bird alerts from across the state;
  • learn or ask about places to look for birds in Delaware;
  • discuss and debate the occurrence, distribution, identification, and ecology of Delaware birds;
  • ask questions and share information about birds, bird feeding, bird habitat, behavior, environmental threats, etc.; and
  • discuss anything else about birds in Delaware and adjacent areas of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

To subscribe to de-birds, send the following command in the body of an email to:

SUBSCRIBE DE-BIRDS Yourfirstname Yourlastname

Replace "Yourfirstname" and "Yourlastname" with your real name.

Your email address from which you sent the message, will then be placed on the de-birds subscription list. Any message sent to the following list address, will automatically be distributed to all current subscribers. This is an email distribution list linking Delaware bird lovers and researchers. All messages should be signed with your name, city and email address.

There is a Web interface for the de-birds list. On the website, you can access the archives, change your settings, and join or leave the listserv. The URL is:

The result is a fast and simple way to reach other Delaware birders through email by sending only one email message! The users of the list define the discussions, which are meant to be free-ranging and informative, but should focus primarily on Delaware, and regional birding issues if they affect our state.

We hope that you find membership in de-birds to be satisfying, interesting and productive. This discussion list is sponsored by the Delaware Audubon Society, but it is not necessary to be a member of Audubon to subscribe. Join this online discussion and share the excitement of birding in the First State.

Thanks for your interest in de-birds. For further information about the Delaware Audubon Society, please contact us at:

For more information about birding in Delaware, visit

List Owners:
J. Tyler Bell
Jane Kostenko