Environmental Conservation

Delaware Audubon Supports Surfrider Efforts Against Rehoboth Beach Ocean Outfall Pipe

The Delaware Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, joined by other Delaware environmental advocates including Delaware Audubon, held a press conference Thursday, March 20, urging the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) to disapprove Rehoboth Beach's "ocean outfall" proposal, which would put a mile-long pipe under the waves carrying treated wastewater out from the end of Henlopen Avenue into the sea.

"Delaware's clean water initiative should provide appropriations for an alternative to a wastewater outfall off Rehoboth Beach," said Gregg Rosner of Surfriders. "That would protect valuable tourism dollars and swimmable oceans for us, and preserve our coastal marine life, with which we share this planet."

David Carter, Delaware Audubon's conservation chair, offers "a big thank you" to the Delaware Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation for their leadership efforts to protect our ocean water quality.

"We have all been asked to support the Governor's Clean Water Initiative," said Mr. Carter, "but due to DNREC's failure to comply with the Clean Water Act's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements (44% of state permits are out of compliance), we have no idea if the initiative will actually protect our waters, or help promote bad projects like the ocean outfall for Rehoboth waste water discharges."

Delaware Audubon is honored to have partnered with the Surfrider Foundation and other conservation groups to bring needed attention to this issue, in hopes of pressuring Secretary O'Mara to deny this inappropriate project.