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The Delaware Audubon Conservation Award

The Delaware Audubon Conservation Award is presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to improving the environment in Delaware. The award may be granted to an individual for their significant contribution or extraordinary service in environmental affairs, usually over a period of years.

Click on any recipient's name for more information. Please note: Each article was written shortly after presentation of the award, and much of the information may now be out of date.

Past Honorees:
2016 John Flaherty
2015 Newark Residents Against the Power Plant
2014 Pat Todd
2013 Victor Singer
2012 Alan Muller
2011 Howard P. Brokaw
2010 Andy Ednie
2009 Chad Tolman
2008 Citizens for Clean Power
2007 Debbie Heaton
2006 Andy Urquhart
2005 Richard and Lorraine Fleming
2004 Warren Lauder
2003 Albert S. Matlack
2002 Ann Rydgren
2001 Thomas Sharp
2000 Lynn Williams
1999 Edward W. Cooch, Jr.
1998 Dorothy Miller
1997 Grace Pierce-Beck
1996 Russell Peterson
1995 Winston Wayne
1994 Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
1993 Ruth Ann Minner
1992 Leah Roedel
1991 Barbara Lundberg
1990 Don Sharpe
1989 Til Purnell
1988 Jacob Kreshtool
1987 Rick West
1986 Gwynne Smith
1985 Lynne Frink
1984 Peggy Jahn