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Chapter-only Membership Option

If you want to support Delaware Audubon, and put ALL of your contribution to work here in Delaware, the chapter-only membership option is best. If you choose this option, you will NOT receive Audubon magazine. You WILL, however, receive Delaware Audubon's newsletter, and be able to participate in all chapter activities.

- Manual Renewal:

Payment for the chapter-only membership option must be made online using PayPal. For a one-year membership ($20), click the button below. This will NOT automatically renew:

- Automatic Renewal:

For your convenience, you may instead opt for automatic annual renewal. If you choose this option, the membership fee (always $20) will be deducted automatically from the funding source you choose in PayPal. You may cancel the recurring annual payment, at any time, by logging into your PayPal account. To choose the automatic annual renewal option, click the button below: